Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Binge Beauty Buy: Ways To Cash In Your Sephora Gift Cards: Philosophy Celebrate! Set

($30, Philosophy, Sephora)
Kicked your coke habit this year? Or just switched to crack (it's cheaper!) Got a big promotion because your boss died? Didn't get pregnant or arrested? Only got a little pregnant? CELEBRATE with Philosophy's Celebrate set -- three deeeeeeerisheshry scented bottles of Lavender, Pink Bubbly, and Pomegranate 3-in-1 washes. They do a body good!

Happy new year, everyone, from all (two) of us at FashionBinge to all (three to four!) of you out there!

And stay tuned for some SUPER suhweeeeeeet giveaways comin' up this monf!

More Sephora gift card suggestions:
+ Hourglass Concealer
+ Smashbox's Rapture Gloss Set!

Trousers sandwiched by the seasons

My current favourite in-between look

Through a combination of the somewhat confused and unpredictable weather over the last few weeks and the influx of Spring/Summer 09 editorials and look books (with a few sale purchases thrown in to spice things up a little bit), there seems to be a confrontation between what I should wear and indeed what I want to wear (which at times becomes more than a mere scuffle in my mind and wardrobe)...The bedroom is often transformed in to a well fingered H&M display, much to the annoyance of Susie...

Today it was the turn of my Unconditional Wrap trousers to take the sartorial punches and accessorising hair pulling...

In the winter corner we have a pile of knits, including a bargain of a Uniqlo jumper, the recently acquired huge cowl by Yokoo, shiny Lanvin boots and black M&S leather gloves which were of course a Christmas present...

In the Spring corner we have white sheer shirt by Handmade in England, navy blue cardigan jacket from COS (a sale buy) and white Chukka Boots by Vans.

Am I suffering these somewhat schizophrenic attire choices alone or are you feeling as confused as I am?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Binge Beauty Buy: Ways To Cash In Your Sephora Gift Cards: Hourglass Concealer

($32, Hourglass, Sephora)
Hands -- and brushes -- down, this is one of the best concealers I've used in decades of hiding my shiners. Seriously, you could have a cat stuck to on one side of your face and a pepperoni pizza on the other side and after a few strokes of Hourglass, NO ONE except you would ever know. That's how good this shiz iz. I'd recommend applying with a brush since it's a thick concealer. That way you won't be tugging your precious, tender little undereyes down to your chin. No one looks good like that. Anyway, $32 ain't cheap, but you know what IS cheap? Looking like you haven't slept in a week. Get it, girls.

More Sephora suggestions: Smashbox's Rapture Gloss Set!

A Peacock Walks Into A Store...

(Image via Ian Peacock/

FOR REAL, A REAL PEACOCK walked into a STORE... called PEACOCKS! In Scotland, where apparently peacocks come equipped with the mental capacity of rocket scientists. THIS IS THE GREATEST SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE! I'M GONNA LIVE FOREVER! THIS IS THE BEST, MOST AMAZING THING EVER!

And speaking of amazing, apparently so is Ian Peacock, who not only has written for a billion great publications but LOVES Persian cats (my first kitty was a glorious Persian named Romeo, hallowed be his name. He lived to be 19 and was an angel amongst kitties, even when he graced us on this very earth, for which he was always too good) AND is actually named "Peacock." I think I'm in love.

+ More of my peacock obsession as it relates to fashion and accessories here.

Also, these peacock Keds are cute if not a little too literal. But okay for you maybe? I didn't mean that in a bitchy way. We're still cool, right?
($63.55, Keds,

Looking back with the help of Penthouse

First things first, we hope you all had a very Merry Festive Break! Secondly, as we prepare to bid farewell to 2008 our thoughts are often preoccupied by the promise of a New Year (I was reliably informed by Charlie Brooker that they will call this new year be honest with you I'm a little disappointed, my fingers were crossed for it to be named Steve...the Year of Steve has a much better ring to it) but lets be different. We often look forward at this stage in the year but one of my Christmas presents has helped me challenge this usual festive occurrence and I've decided to swivel my neck owl like and look back...way back. The presents in question were two old issues of Penthouse - The Magazine for Men (from 1968 and 1969 respectively). and unfortunately, it is safe to say that they don't make them like that anymore. The content is wonderfully diverse, for example articles include; an interview with Steve Abrams who champions the campaign to legalise cannabis, The Promiscuity Myth which discusses how homosapiens have always 'gone in for' marriage, The Do-It-Yourself Capitalist, an interview with Otto Von Habsburg who was once heir to the Austro-Hungrarian empire and became a political author and lecturer. I would love to unearth a magazine which covered such an eclectic mix of issues today (with the odd shot of a natural breast or two thrown in as well) but for now I will just have to settle for Monocle but will write to Tyler Brûlé in the New Year requesting a few bare breasts. As well as great articles there are a couple of interesting editorials, not to mention a few classic advertisements which will provide inspiration for the coming year.

Apologies for the poor image quality (I really need to invest in a scanner)...

Skin Game is my favourite editorial and sees a wonderful combination of monochrome, smoky /soft focus shots with sheepskin jackets and a pigskin suede trench coat. Accompanying the imagery was the following blurb which seems hell bent on ensuring the readers knows where the materials came from...Button out the cold this winter in sheepskin and suede. Bulk has been sheared away with body-shaping and closer-fitting cut. There are many exciting new colours this season, too. After all, once the original owner has died there is no reason why its and coat shouldn't be dyed, too - makes it more individual for the next owner. As for wear and warmth, that remains built-in. Lasts a lifetime-and it did for the previous owners.

I've never seen this many buckles in one shot...

Something Afoot
sees an organised pile of varied shoes used to breathe new life into the old adage that 'you can tell a gentlemen by his shoes' by suggesting that you can now (well since 1968) tell
that the gentlemen is in fashion. I adore this double page spread but rather than inspire me to put my best foot forward, I have to agree with the title that there is something afoot and it seems to be the penchant of double buckles and too much tanned leather...

There were just sooo many poses to choose from but here are two of my favourite looks

Get in the picture with ICI Fibres depicts Seth Cohen's style icon in an album of leisurewear made from a combination of relatively new fandangled fabrics ranging from bri-nylon, bri-nova and crimplene...but I love the poses more than anything else and will certainly try a few in my upcoming style posts...

So, rather than let your thoughts get distracted by the promises of tomorrow why not take some time out and have a look back at the past. You don't have to look at old porn magazines but I would certainly recommend it!

Heart Shirts And Blondette Sale!

Admiring on this Lauren Moshi heart tee at Blondette.

($85, Lauren Moshi, Blondette)
BTW, Blondette's giving you 25% off $150 or more with promo code afterchristmas08
through January 3. KNOW that.

(Apprx $43 USD, Illustrated People, Topshop)
Also LOVE this very '80s but not like OMG WOAH LQQK IT'S NEON Illustrated People top at Topshop. It reminds me of the crap Madonna spray paints in her "Borderline" video. Sadly it's only available in size Small on the British site and NOT AT ALL on the US site. INTERNATIONAL TRAGEDY!

Related videos to watch:

Monday, December 29, 2008

Kenneth Jay Lane Coral Cabochon Earrings: Lust!

($165, Kenneth Jay Lane,
Witness my raging, unbridled lust. Sin from my lips? Trespass sweetly urge!

And OMG these too:
($230, Dori Csengeri,
I don't know where to look first... I just know I can't stop staring...

Binge Beauty Buy: Ways To Cash In Your Sephora Gift Cards: Smashbox Lip Gloss Collection!

If you're a lucky lady, you got a Sephora gift card or two this ho-ho-holiday. I didn't get one, but BOY OH BOYEEEEE could I rack up some goods... or, um, suggest ways for YOU to spend your hard-earned gift bucks. So, consider me your personal shopper! Like one of those annoying pop-up thingies that pop up in your shit when you're browsing stuff online. Except not as annoying!

Anyway, I HIGHLY, INSANELY, EXTREMELY recommend Smashbox's Rapture Lip Gloss set:
($29, Smashbox, Sephora)
Unlike some gloss sets, these aren't too-too mini -- none of that annoying two-uses-and-they're-gone business -- I've been milking mine for weeks upon weeks -- the formula is excellent, and there's zero gross gooiness! THREE WINS! My favorites are Ravishing (second from left), which doesn't end up looking quite as dark on, and Candid (third from left), which leaves a nice berry glow.

And, stay tuned for more FashionBinge Beauty Buys, featuring WAYS TO SPEND your Sephora gift cards!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Cute Zimmermann Suit!

I am sitting here, unshowered, festering in my not-so-festive, not-so-sexy post-holiday slump, like a carby blob of primordial ooze. WHICH MEANS THERE'S NEVER BEEN A TIME TO CHECK OUT CUTE BATHING SUITS, like this one by FashionBinge favorite, Zimmermann!

The polka dots are so "I'm a little girl in the late '70s." AND it's on sale! AND I ate like a TUB of cookies and a half of tub of Sugar Sweet Sunshine's banana cream pudding. WIN!

($121, Zimmermann,

DONCHA FARGET: Hayden-Harnett For TARGET Is On Sale NOW!

NOW NOW NOW! Get your Hayden-Harnett for Target bags NOW!

It looks like many of them won't ship for another several weeks, so consider this a test of patience.

I haven't seen them in person, so I can't speak to the quality (they're made of PVC, so you can probably bank on them cracking), but I'm pleased they didn't skimp on the design details -- the fun studs and hardware and excellent fabric lining.

My faves:

($39, Hayden-Harnett, Target)

($19.99, Hayden-Harnett, Target)
Peek inside for a peep at the great fabric lining!

($44.99, Hayden-Harnett, Target)
Cheyyyyyck out the fun pyramid studs on the bottom of this chain bag. Yay!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Advent - Day Twenty Five

We loved the above so much we just had to make it our Christmas Card to you. Merry Christmas and enjoy the Holidays. We hope Santa brings you everything on your list and more whilst you enjoy some quality time with all of your family! We will post before the New Year and have lots of interesting pieces up our sleeves for 2009!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Self-Present Numbah Two!

Look, I've been resisting the oh-so-tempting bargains of Hayden-Harnett's Secret Santa sale for days now. But this morning I waited a good three hours, and this was still available:

Hayden-Harnett Tamasin tote, $90 (regular price $495).

Now all I need to do is find space in my closet....

Happy holidays, friends!

Advent - Day Twenty Four

I have only recently fallen head over heels with the Visvim brand but the more I see the deeper my love gets...the Virgil boot and FBT Shaman in this brown kangaroo leather are the best yet. If I had any Christmas shopping to do either of these would be my footwear of choice...I would just have to go out and buy them first...Happy Christmas Eve to one and all.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yoox Vintage Earrings I've Been Sweating For A Fortnight

Actually, more like three fortnights... Anyway, Yoox has had a selection of vintage jewelry for a while now, and I've been lurvin' all up on these blue '80s earrings more than I should probably admit. Like, slobbering and shit. They're clip-on (one strike against them), and $70, (strike two), therefore I'll continue to covet from afar.

($70, Yoox)

Also, Yoox is having a one-day-only 25% Christmas Day sale where they're taking 25% off (like I says!) on all of their Fall/ Winter merch. But again, it's ONE DAY ONLY! Use promo code YOOXMAS on December 25.

You COULD walk away with/ in these SERIOUS Lanvin heels -- currently $312, $234 with promo code discount!

Merry Christmas to Me!

Since this is probably the last purchase I'll make before the holiday, I guess this is my Christmas present to myself:

Soia & Kyo "Sohie" jacket, on sale for $227.90 at Nordstrom. Whee! The cool black coat I've been searching for! 80 percent wool's probably even pretty warm, right? And this means I get to give my old one to the New York Cares Coat Drive. Double awesome.

What did you buy yourself, if anything, with the holidays as a handy excuse?

Advent - Day Twenty Three

As always the last few days before the big day move along at a headache inducing speed, my to-do list today is just too long as I pack my bag and head back to the seaside for Christmas. Being at home at Christmas guarantees the following: enough food to feed an army and enough drink to inebriate one as well, the odd argument and that the whole thing will be documented by a room full of photographers... I doubt very much that anyone will have a bag as beautiful as this one.

Image courtesy of Kix-Files and sourced from Selectism

Canon invited the famous Japanese fashion designer Mihara Yasuhiro to design a classic yet stylish (and most importantly practical camera) case for the newly launched PowerShot G10 (which is available in limited quantities in Hong Kong)....Father Christmas if it's not too late I would like both of these please...I've been a good boy (on the most part) this year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ladies LOVE Jewelry! ESPECIALLY If He Got It At Jared!

This Current TV bit takes the piss out of those ATROCIOUS, cheesetastic TV ads for mass-market mall jewelry stores, which are the WORST.

Massive LOLs, especially the sign language and "jewelry face" part. (Thanks to my friend Cheryl for sending this along...)

Betsey Johnson's Floral Couch Leggings

I was going to make an obnoxious comment about how these Betsey Johnson floral leggings would look better reincarnated as a 1970s couch print. But then I realized that these are actually called Couch Floral Cotton Lycra Skins, and it kinda ruined the fun.

($90, Betsey Johnson)
Floral leggings remind me of when Chloe Sevigny did that trashy-on-purpose look for her Opening Ceremony collection. Not so good, Al.

Advent - Day Twenty Two

Now that Susie has gone to work I can undertake secret present wrapping and what better way to set the Christmas mood than this version of Little Drummer Boy performed by David Bowie and Bing Crosby (which of course was requested by Ian Brown...the acting quality might be a little questionable but the voices are wonderful.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Advent - Day Twenty One

Just a quick one for you today to remind you of when Christmas is best- when you're still only little. You're never too little to be dapper, however, as this cheeky chappy shows. Hope you're not in Christmas wrapping hell at the moment... unlike me!

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

In order not to waste too much of your time (so you can have more of it for shopping), I'll be brief: Karmaloop. 50% off your entire order. Code: MERRY. Go go go, gadgetistas, go! It expires Monday at 9 pm EST, I believe.

Here's what I got, a purchase that may have something to do with the fact that it is shitting icy buckets out:

Tretorn "Plask" rain boot, $135 minus 50 percent = $67.50. Purty good deal, eh? LOVE that wool cuff!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Advent - Day Twenty

Apologies for the late unveiling of box number twenty but I had last minute Christmas shopping to do (which almost killed me) and EJ is at a wedding. To celebrate the fact that my Christmas shopping is now complete, I just had to share one of my favourite Christmas song and video with you all...

Wham's Last Christmas was released in the same year as my birth so I have a special bond with it, unfortunately the song never quite made it to the Christmas number one spot all because of Bob Geldof's project Band Aid. The video and styling is so 80s, I am always mesmerised by George Michael's bouncing mullet. A large part of me wants to re-enact this ski lodge scene with my own friends...maybe next year.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Maison Martin Margiela Jewelry Is Making Me VERY ANGRY!

Because I LOVE it so much and can in no way shape or form justify purchasing it. DAMN YOU, Dina of Eye4Style for turning me onto MMM jewelry!

($215, Maison Martin Margiela,
I MAY bust out ye olde jewelin' tewls and see if I can craft something similar, though I'm pretty clueless when it comes to working with rhinestone strands. Weep! Can any of you crafty ladies out there make something similar?

($185, Maison Martin Margiela,
Lurves these Maison Martin Margiela paperclip earrings. 'Course, the recession-buster/ punk-as-fuck approach would be to just stick some regular paperclips in your ear and call it a night... and then call the doctor for a tetanus shot.

Get the Look: Mrs. Claus

Today I injected a little bit of Santacon into my outfit, enough that my boyfriend was amused enough to grab his camera and record it for posterity. I came into work and have gotten "very festive," "very Christmas-y," and my favorite: "very...Mrs. Claus." So, if YOU would like to take holiday dressing to a borderline-literal level, I recommend pointing your sleigh at the aforementioned Urban Outfitters, where I purchased the piece de resistance of this formidable outfit:

Silence + Noise embroidered buffalo plaid dress, was $68, now $39.99 online, BUT I only paid $19.99 in the store. I went in for holiday cards, I came out with a dress. Btw, no Mrs. Claus is that insanely buff.

Pair it with these Frye "Andrea" belted boots, marked down to $329.99, OR find your own vintage Dexter boots in a giant thrift store in Portland, Oregon, like I did. I mean, you're a CLAUS -- you can travel, and quickly.

Then get these socks from any Target (just not the online one). Arrange them so the fur cuff just peeks out above your boots. Bam! Instant (yet subtle?) Santa boots.

If you want to really push it, get one of those infernal berets that can be slouching atop the heads of every girl south of the north pole these days. This one is the most ridiculous of all, so that's what I'm showing. Urban Outfitters "popcorn" beret, $34.

And away you go!

Urban Outfitters Sale At 628 Broadway, NYC!

Sooooo, Urban Outfitters is having a major rager of a sale at their 628 Broadway locay (right above Houston), from Saturday, December 20 through January 4th.

I went last year and got a bunch of great tops for practically PENNIES on the dollar.

That's all I gots to say about that.

A seasonal fairytale

Unlike EJ, who only has a few bits to get, I still have a lot of my Christmas shopping to do over the next few days and I'm sure to encounter nightmarish scenes (my fault for not being organised enough!) but when did Christmas become so real, so much responsibility and stress? Christmas should always be a time of wonder not just one of mass consumption (both presents and food). I used to love this time of year, not just because of the unwrapping of presents which were brought to you by family members you only see once a year combined with the constant influx of food coming from the kitchen but because it was the only time of year when we all came together to create something special. It used to be a time like no other in the calender, when whole streets were transformed and excitement filled the air. The decorated tree just although lovely just doesn't fill the same anymore.

I've never been one who enjoy doing anything on a stage but I used to love dressing up as a shepherd for my annual nativity play. Now that I'm older, Christmas just isn't the same because all of the kids in my family have grown it is a time when the grown up family get together not one of wonder and make believe. Don't get me wrong it is still an enjoyable time but it has lost what makes it unique. In the Christmas and New Year Issue of Fashion156, the editorial depicts a winter fairy tale and the picture book scenes just remind me of how I used to see this time of year.

As always with Fashion156 the editorial mixes new designers with some of my favourites. This jumper comes from a newly launched knitwear label called Sibling and is teamed up with YMC black trousers.

The jumper above is by Katie Eary (who is a recent RCA Grad and has been featured as part of DazedDigital's Fashion's New Optimisim) and is paired with nylon trousers by Carola Euler, boots by bstore and the fantastical look is finished with a furry mask by Soren Bach.

For some reason the above look reminds me of the Shepherd I used to play between the ages of five and ten but obviously it is how I'd love to dress the part now as opposed to how I looked back then. The look contains the best pieces from the Raf Simons AW 08 collection (the shirt and coat combo) and is worn with grey trousers by Carola Euler and hi tops by Balenciaga.

This tartan jumper comes from Balenciaga and is my favourite piece (if anyone is wealthy and would like to get me a present...). I expect a few surprises to come out from this Fashion House and look forward to see what Nicolas Ghesquière's team come up with in the New Year.

As you can see, the styling steps away from the season 'must haves' or a guide to the best party outfits which we see in the vast majority of publication and instead concentrates on original pieces that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and celebrate style at it's most fantastical. Who cares if they're not perfectly suitable for everyday wear? Hopefully, these images will at the very least transport you to the Christmas' of old before you have to return to the stress and panic which the festive season now brings.

Advent - Day Nineteen

Daniel Jenkins is one of the many friends that we have made this year through writing this blog. His passion for menswear and his vision for his own boutique in deepest, darkest Wales is both contagious and inspiring. Box number nineteen on our advent calender reveals Daniel Jenkins' store Christmas Card...

Seasons greetings from Daniel Jenkins (Welsh Translation - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year)

As well as seasonal greetings in Welsh the scene features his three dogs (Inigo and Vesper the Cocker Spaniel puppies and Hector the whippet) doing a rather able job of accessorising his Stansfield, Siv Stodal, April77 and Satyenkumar get up.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scanty's Holiday Trunk Show At Fred Segal Fun -- This Saturday, December 20th!

I have some raging, unbridled jealousy issues when it comes to you West Coasters who can just pop into Fred Segal Fun, but I'll put that aside for a sec to inform you that over-the-top-comfy PJ and loungewear label Scanty is holding a holiday trunk show this Saturday, December 20th at Fred Segal Fun in Santa Monica from 1 - 4pm.

Scanty's stuff hangs just right and is perfect for all seasons -- not oppressively hot but keeps you snugabugaboo and actually, somehow, magically manages to be a bit sexy and not "oh hai, look at all the fuzzy bunnies marching across my legs."

Go pick up something comfs for those last-min loves on your lists (or for ME!)

($53, Scanty)


Now THAT'S what I call a Christmas miracle! EVERYTHING ON THE ENTIRE ACTIVE ENDEAVORS SITE is 50% off, only through midnight on December 19th. Use promo code "wishlist50." All returns for store credit only, so be sure before you pull that trigger, okay tiger?

Here are a few choice pix:
(Originally $347, TEMPORARILY $173, Abaete,

(Originally $432, TEMPORARILY $216, Abate,
This guy's blowin' my mind. Wedding dress shortlist potential even!

(Originally $295, TEMPORARILY $147.50, Charlotte Ronson,
Sorta Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett, a little, no?

(Originally $575, TEMPORARILY $287, Seven for all Mankind,

(Originally $450, TEMPORARILY $225, Loeffler Randall,
Even Loeffler Randall's studded Minnie Mouse Agatha bow flats are on sale!