Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Sunday Holiday Sale At Newport News

Believe it nons, Newport News (the store, not necessarily the city, though I'm sure you could probably find some stuff in the city too), has some cute holiday stuff on sale. Use promo code 538 for 25% through midnight, December 1.

($34, Newport News)
Such purdy suede. How do you not LOVE the combo of grey, black, and red? You DON'T not love it!

($19, Newport News)
A cute little leopard print clutch to hide all of your holiday cheer!

($29, Newport News)
An eensy little Chanel knockoff! God bless us everyone!

($10, Newport News)
Come on, how fun would this look with a black strapless sweetheart dress like so?

($15, Newport News)
Black teardrop earrings = holiday staple!

($14.99, Newport News)
Weep! Like Thanksgiving threw up all over an innocent bag!

Charley Harper For Old Navy -- Cute AND Affordable Baby Stuff!

Illustrator Charley Harper was known for his highly stylized, boldly graphic modern interpretations of wildlife. His work was so righteous that December 8, 2006 was declared "Charley Harper Day" by the mayor of Cincinnati. Harper passed away in 2007, but his work lives on not just in Cincinnati, but now in a series of beyond-sweet tees, toys, games and books at Old Navy.

Also, about 10 trillion of my friends are having babies, and they're all due around May. As one friend put it, it's like they all got together and had an orgy that we weren't invited to... thank God. Plus, key parties are SOOOOO '74. But I do LOVE me some soft snuggly babies and the accompanying cute baby things that go along with them, and these Charley Harper Old Navy items are no exception. They're precious, AND they're for the baby on a budget. And believe me, if I had a baby, it'd be on a budget. Because mama needs some new shoes, you know?

($10, Old Navy)

($10, Old Navy)

($9.50, Old Navy)
I GUESS babies need to learn and stuff. So they as well learn cute-ly and in a cute manner and fashion.

And, like, I'm no Dr. Spock or anything, but I just need to say, use condoms and stuff if you're NOT looking to have a baby, because as cute as they are, they DO get in the way of shopping for cute stuff for you, you know? Just saying...

Good Saley Sale at Blondette

Couple Blondette items you should bag up. I'm not sure it's still working today, but try promo code thanks08 to save 25% off when you order $150 or more.

($74, Corey Lynn Calter, Blondette)

($109, Corey Lynn Calter, Blondette)
I love the way this looks with red-orange tights.

($37, Plastic Island, Blondette)
A lovely summer staple.

($110, Charlotte Ronson, Blondette)
Super flirty cute day dress. Since when am I into denim dresses?

($102.50, Betsey Johson, Blondette)
Cutest of lifes.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Picture Postcard: What a rocket scientist should look like

It is a magnificent moustache, bristling with mischief, sweeping from cheek-bone to cheekbone like a second smile

Daniel Jubb, 24, the owner of the moustache, looks like a Victorian scientist transposed to the 21st century

EJ brought this image into my life last week as it was part of her daily batch of links she sent my way and I just had to share it with you. Daniel Jubb is a rocket scientist and this is exactly how a rocket scientist should look. I just can't believe that this chap is a mere twenty four years old...I am the same age and am neither a rocket scientist or more importantly could never grow a moustache like this!

Friday, November 28, 2008

50% Off Sale At Mod Cloth! is having a 50% off sale. Shop the entire sale here, check out JUST SOME of ModCloth's adorbs half-off dresses, accessories and more, and use promo code BINGE10 for 10% off!

Check out the very vintage-y looking beaded buttons and belt. How could this dress NOT flatter everyone?

... My mind reels at the thought of that dress with these black and gold cone heels.

A billion awesome skinny jeans and skirt and tights possibilities!!!

And is there even been an instrument of science that can measure how cute these wee elephant earrings are!?!??!

LURVE this. It reminds me a bit of my favey Christopher Deane chain dress.

These could almost be the funnest with some black skinny jeans.

Fun in a slutty nurse sorta way!

Great everyday bag at an even greater price!

A few items from their regular sale:

($52.49, Melie Bianco,
Excellent late-70s-ness.

This is kinda the type of thing I imagine René Lacoste carried around, even though he was French.

Oooh! Cuters pandars!

Not on sale, but I can't resist.

Resist me not!

Hayden-Harnett Really *IS* Having An Amazing Black Friday Sale WITH Free Ground Shipping!

Hayden-Harnett is being SUPREMO generous and offering lots of stuff at up 70% off WITH free shipping, plus a free gift when you purchase over $250 worth of stuff.

It's mostly on smaller accessories and stuff, but seriously, it's better than the sample sale. Check out their amazing sale on sunglass cases, coin purses, and a few amazors bags and dresses -- looks like only large sizes are left, which works just fine for me, since their stuff tends to run pretty snug.

($14, Hayden-Harnett)
Capri coin purse in Turq Zigzag, originally $28.

($25, Hayden-Harnett)
Love the tan leather and grey!

($110.60, Hayden-Harnett)

($119, Hayden-Harnett)
I have this in turquoise, and it's the best wallet I've ever owned.

Capri sunglass cases -- originally $28.

($145, Hayden-Harnett)
The Beatrice "Corsaire" satchel -- originally $485!

($122, Hayden-Harnett)
I've never seen the Staci crossbody before. I LOVE the compartments AND the pyramid studs, natch.

($270, Hayden-Harnett)
One of the Paule Marrot bags I've been stalking all year. Originally $450.

($247, Hayden-Harnett)
... And the other. Note the peacocky colors!

($234, Hayden-Harnett)
Originally $360. I LOVE the metallic snakeskin.

($188, Hayden-Harnett)
Originally $470.

($154, Hayden-Harnett)
Only size L left. Wee!

($154, Hayden-Harnett)
Also only size L left.

($26, Hayden-Harnett)
Consider it bought!

Black Friday Shopstravaganza: Free Shipping at Urban Outfitters!

Urban Outfitters' gots free shipping through December 1. Use promo code FREEBIRD08. However, I think it's for $75 or more, which isn't much of a promo considering they usually offer free shipping on $75 worth of stuff, I think. Oh well.

Use it to get this sweet strapless dress:
($58, Silence & Noise, Urban Outfitters)
By the way, when I added this to my cart, it was like $43.50 Yay!

... Or this great Betsey Johnson denim dress, which normally I'd be vehemently opposed to, but for some reason I am not:
($199, Betsey Johnson, Urban Outfitters)

Monocle Shop - A small haven from the hustle and bustle of Central London shopping

You might have noticed on previous posts that I am an avid reader of Monocle. It is the only monthly (well it can almost be classed as a monthly) that I read from cover to cover and take great delight in keeping because they are such a good resource! At the helm of the magazine is a man both myself and TheSundayBest hate to love who is constantly pushing the publication forward and in new directions. The latest direction is the Monocle Shop (located just off London’s Marylebone High Street) and I just had to brave the wet, grey London afternoon today to take a peek inside (unfortunately I took my camera but left my memory card in the laptop, so the images are provided from Monocle). The shop showcases the full Monocle range of products that have been created in partnership with leading design brands such as Comme des Garçons, Porter, Valextra, Artek and Drakes London.

At just just nine sq metres in size (it is only a touch larger than my childhood bedroom which only allowed my bed, a small television set and my sega mega drive) but it is so welcoming and feels so homely. The shop feels like a well thought out living room., summed up by prints of Alexis Armanet's Sumo Shots adorning the wall above the fireplace ..I just wish it was my living room! I was instantly greeted by a chirpy assistant who was happy to chat and show me the range of products. Upon showing me the Porter Baby Boston Bag I was so very close to sacrificing all self control and handing over my debit card to the lovely lady and asking to take one of everything! Fortunately, just before I could reach into my card wallet and begin mass purchasing everything from the array of goods, in walked Yoshitsugu Tagaki who is Production Editor of KitaKoga which pushed my excitement levels over the edge and I couldn't take any more...I paid for the latest issue and departed with a smile on my face.

Before I left, the helpful assistant informed me that the space will constantly evolve, the stock will change on a regular basis right up until the shop closes in March. This store is a safe haven away from the crowds and madness of Oxford Street...I know where I will be shopping for Christmas Gifts (for others...but mostly for myself!) and if you have a chance you should definitely pop in.

Here comes the man boy

I have been a fan of Omar Kashoura ever since I stumbled across his designs on the racks inside The Shop at Bluebird and walked away with a black cardigan which is always admired and is frequently a conversation starter. Since graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2004 Kashoura has won many more plaudits than just little old me, including the top prize at New York's Gen Art Style International Menswear Award in 2005 and working for Preen and Unconditional. Despite a great deal of attention in his brand, Kashoura decided to go back to school and complete a masters and Spring/Summer 09 sees the release of Omar Kashoura's first collection since graduating from his masters at Central Saint Martins.

This collection, as with each season, evolved from a poem written by Kashoura. The latest collection explores the ideas of the 'ManBoy' and the encapsulating poem can be read below.

CLOTHES………….introduced to conceal modesty.

… Necessary to hide defects and used to reduce everyone to a decent insignificance of physique, to improve the imaginings of the male body.

Dazzled by the confusion of knowing how to look,



From the 70/80’s super extreme to the recent heroin chic,

‘ ..Here comes the man boy.. ‘

The new man of narcissism, glowing, sweating and grinning, an exploding signifier of the so called post modern condition

He is a reaction,

a narcissist yet modest, a man, but still a boy.

A body that is perfectly formed, whilst exhibiting manliness in its strongest form.

Modern………yet historical………and futuristic all at the same time.

We are a visual and stylistic culture.

Men are visual commodities

Hair cuts,

The cut of jeans

Ways of walking and being.

Points of comparison between men, not just as aggressive competitors but as stylists in the same club.

Encourage more

Men and others, visually and as objects of consumer desire.

The body in the gaze becomes an public object, it is a surface, a shape, a volume. With the ever powering campaigns and advertising the moving body must be on display and available for inspection. Whether in visual representation or personal form.

…..He is educated

aware of his identity and thus able to move beyond the sphere of unreflecting immediacy,

to raise the question of the purpose and function he serves in human existence as a whole.

Truest manliness will be achieved by freedom rather than a slavish subservience to convention.

A raw material sculpted through clothes.


Designs used to heighten anatomical maleness + Experience pleasures around the body .

...A reassertion of masculinity over femininity

Within this collection structured tailoring sits alongside figure hugging jersey and bias cut silhouettes producing a collection strong in shape, pattern, fit whilst being soft of fabric. The intricate detailed finishes and fastening put the typical Kashoura seal of approval and design into each garment, including lopped shirt collars and petersham back buttons through to some of my favourite shirt bib accessories. For me this is a collection which demonstrates that the boy Omar Kashoura is becoming a Man.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gossip Girl Thanksgiving Fashion Guide

Thanksgiving is the time of the year to spread love and gratitude by getting together with loved ones and pigging out on turkey and potatoes with gravy. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we need to gobble up some thanksgiving fashion with this season's latest looks.

For the hippest and hottest Thanksgiving fashion let's consult the hottest TV Series, Gossip Girl, and review the previous episode (The Magnificent Archibalds. Join me as I check on Gossip Girl's Thanksgiving fashion guide.

Serena and Lily van der Woodsen

Even though she's a mother of two Gossip Girl's characters namely Serena and Eric, Lily van der Woodsen stayed to be a fashion-forward mom. For the Turkey Day, she wore a dress from Hugo Boss with her Brunello Cucinelli trench. Serena sported a top and skirt from Porter Grey and Nine West shoes.

Serena van der Woodsen

Serena stops by the Waldorf household, where Blair's Thanksgiving traditions are not being properly followed. She wears a Mayle coat and carries a Chanel bag.

For her school dressed-up look, Serena accessorizes her French Toast uniform with a leather vest (shop an option from Mike & Chris for Ron Herman) and boots from Ralph Lauren.

Blair Waldorf
For her favorite holiday, Blair opted for intricate, backless, forest green dress designed by Alexandra Vidal. The pleated bib front is just as cute, as are the Jimmy Choos she chooses. In a later scene, Blair wears a Sretsis coat dress over this look.

Jenny Humphrey

Jenny rocked a plaid dress from Dolce and Gabbana and Nine West boots.

Jenny gets ever-so-casual, but ever-so-fashionable, in a cute tee from Kova & T with cameo ring (Tarino Tarantino) and necklace is (Alexis Bittar).

Vanessa Abrams

Vanessa wears a mixture of high and low with a coat from Forever 21 and a silk printed dress from Anna Sui.