Monday, May 31, 2010

Industrie and the beauty of details in menswear

You would never know that print media was suffering in our household. There are magazines everywhere. Both of us spend far too much time and money in newsagents. Granted there are occasions where a purchase will be enthusiastically flicked through only to be put down then filed away and forgotten. This scenario will not play out with Industrie. Since picking up the first issue last Friday I've been reluctant to put it down. This recently released large format magazine has been billed as the first and only media title dedicated to presenting an independent, in depth look at the fashion industry. It aims to shift focus away from current collections and trends, opting instead to provide a well considered insight into the culture of fashion.

A very helpful flick through was provided on Vimeo.

After reaching a state of ennui with a number of publications in recent months this magazine was an absolute joy and felt so refreshing. Over one hundred and sixty pages the title ventures behind the scenes and chronicles the personalities, stories and defining moments in the world of fashion today. The content varies between hearing the company Aitor Throup picks for his ideal dinner party to the three books that make a difference to b store's Matthew Murphy to meaty interviews with Katie Grand and Panos Yiapanis on their views on the industry. One of the real gems for me was Jens Grede's conversation with Tommy Ton. The Internet has given any passionate user access to catwalks and the fashion elite have increasingly struck a quick pose in the spotlight. Tommy Ton's Jak & Jil provides a beautiful sneak peek in to this world. The whole conversation is a great read but the following quote was the most interesting and surprising for me...

"I'm actually more intrigued by menswear than I am by womenswear...There's something inspiring about this idea of a uniform that is evident in the way that men dress themselves: a suit, a pair of pants, a shirt. Menswear is not as disposable as womenswear, it's more investment dressing...The challenging aspect about documenting menswear is the detail. I find that men are more drawn to detail, whether it's the collar, the cuff or the trimmings. I'm learning how to capture it. I find men's detail shots more inspiring on a style level than the pictures I take of women, which are more about a complete look."
Tommy Ton in conversation with Jens Grede for Industrie

It makes me ridiculously happy to hear Tommy talk about menswear so enthusiastically. I have to confess that there have been moments during recent fashion weeks where I've been more inspired by the street style displayed outside of the shows than the looks unveiled inside. Tommy's images play a significant role. The snapshots of style he captures for his own site Jak & Jil and those for GQ are at times breathtaking. We have long declared that the real beauty of menswear is in the details and will never tire of taking the time to celebrate the finer details of men's style. However, it is nice to take a breather from doing so and allow Tommy Ton's words and a selection of images to take over...

"The volume of this structured coat immediately caught my eye, especially the spiraled effect on the sleeve." Tommy shooting LFW for GQ.

"It's refreshing to see a gentleman who still takes the time to really be well-dressed. From the colors to the contrast of the patterns, you'd think you'd have to go to Europe to see men's style like this." Tommy shooting NYFW for GQ

"Let's take a closer peek at his accessories, starting with the navy monogrammed satchel. Seriously, I don't think you have to be a student to carry this off? Or do you?" Tommy shooting LFW for GQ

"I just adored how Dazed & Confused Menswar Fashion Editor, Robbie Spencer, wore his Lanvin beaded Trope L'Oeil t shirt. Rather than wearing the look directly from the runway, he layers it with an effortless ease. Bravo." Shot for Jak & Jil.

In addition to serving up inspiring fashion week style shots, Jak & Jil frequently takes a deeper look at an individuals style with his My Favourite Things feature. The highlight from a menswear perspective is undoubtedly Vogue Hommes' Francesco Comminelli. If I could inherit one man's style it would be his. I'll never bore myself poring over these shots...

Long may Tommy Ton capture the beauty of the detail in menswear. It is after all, the small details, so often overlooked and neglected by too many, that can transform any mediocre outfit in to something special.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker Sex and the City 2 London Premiere

Last year, we loved Sarah Jessica Parker‘s iconic pale green Alexander McQueen dress and butterfly-covered Philip Treacy hat that she wore during the the Sex and the City world premiere way back in London in 2008.
Alexander McQueen,Celebrities,Red Carpet,Fashion StylesAlexander McQueen,Celebrities,Red Carpet,Fashion Styles
This 2009, for the London premiere of Sex and the City 2, Sarah Jessica Parker went for a black silk and lace bustier archive gown from Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 2008 line with a clutch from McQueen’s pre-fall 2010 collection and pre-fall 2008 lace shoes. To complete her stunning look, she had a black tulle cloud by Philip Treacy to compliment her sleek blonde locks.


Miranda Kerr Elle US June 2010

Victoria's Secret,Ralph Lauren,Chloe,Michael Kors,Prada,Calvin Klein,Fashion Styles
Victoria's Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr, posed for the upcoming June 2010 issue of Elle US magazine. For the said issue, Miranda sported some of the season's hottest body-hugging fashion. Let's take a look at her fashion styles for the magazine spreads!

Victoria's Secret,Ralph Lauren,Chloe,Michael Kors,Prada,Calvin Klein,Fashion StylesVictoria's Secret,Ralph Lauren,Chloe,Michael Kors,Prada,Calvin Klein,Fashion Styles
Left: Silk crepe leather sleeve dress from Calvin Klein Collection
Leather corset belt and leather and elastic boots from Michael Kors
Right:Cotton poplin shirt and satin shorts from Prada
Brass belt from Maison Martin Margiela

Victoria's Secret,Ralph Lauren,Chloe,Michael Kors,Prada,Calvin Klein,Fashion Styles
Suede top and leather belt from Ralph Lauren Collection
Sheer stockings from Falke

Victoria's Secret,Ralph Lauren,Chloe,Michael Kors,Prada,Calvin Klein,Fashion Styles
Washed ottoman cape and lambskin shorts from Chloe
Leather elastic boots from Michael Kors

Victoria's Secret,Ralph Lauren,Chloe,Michael Kors,Prada,Calvin Klein,Fashion Styles
Victoria's Secret,Ralph Lauren,Chloe,Michael Kors,Prada,Calvin Klein,Fashion Styles
Victoria's Secret,Ralph Lauren,Chloe,Michael Kors,Prada,Calvin Klein,Fashion Styles

Photo Source:

Polka dots on my feet

Falling head over welted soled heels for these polka dot Dr Martens.

To help document the fiftieth anniversary of the first pair of Dr. Martens being produced at the Griggs factory in the village of Wollaston, the iconic shoe brand invited a few bloggers (including the lovely Disney Roller Girl, Dapper Kid, The Clothes Whisperer) up to the factory. In addition to offering you guys a little factory porn, I was able to take a sneak peek at the AW10 collection. Despite hitting fifty, Dr Martens have been making a proactive effort to expand their brand offering and I was blown away by the variety of styles on offer. There are now some two hundred and fifty different models, from golden to fuscia, floral to custom patterned. Since taking over at the creative helm, Andrew Bunney and Tommy Heng have really helped move the brand to move forward with new make ups and styles. While excitedly poring over the latest models I fell head over welted soled heels for a pair of purple polka dot lace ups but unfortunately for me they were one of the jewels of the women's line. The initial disappointed must have been written all over my face because Andrew and Tommy quickly came over to me. Rather than console me and attempt to turn my affections elsewhere the pair decided that they could make my latest dreams come true as they declared that they would embark on creating a special version in my size. At the time I have to confess to being a little doubtful that anything would come of my fancy but less than two months later, the pair have been realised and cheer up my feet...

1461 3-Eye shoes in Purple/Black Flocked Polka Dots by Dr. Martens worn with purple jeans from Uniqlo.

Tommy explained that the product team at Dr Martens are also huge fans of polka dots and have been experimenting with flocking techniques for some time. The result is something quite special. Made all the more special because they are (currently) entirely unique. You might think that I'm wearing a girls shoe in a larger size but you'd be wrong. Instead of using the women's DML comfort last the Dr Martens team have made my shoes on the 84 last. The 84 is unisex and is much narrower and has a slightly more pointed toe.

Polka Dot Dr. Martens worn with Comme des Garcons suit jacket, white club collar shirt by Bespoken and purple jeans from Uniqlo.

As one of the founding members of the Polka Dot Gang (EJ is the other) these shoes make me incredibly happy. In addition to adding much needed colour to my ever expanding shoe collection, they also add a sense of fun. Every time I look at the flocked polka dots I will let out a wry smile and will remember just how special they are...

A close up of the flocked polka dot uppers. These special shoes will be available in store at the end of June but only in women's sizes...for now atleast

Sophie Choudry at Being Human Fashion Show

Sophie Choudry at Being Human Fashion Show with the stars who walked the ramp to the foundation. WTG Sallu miya... atleast after these social works katty will come to you cos of ur charity mind. Akhir itna paisa kya kar loge kuch toh gareeboh mein bat do...

Karan Johar's Fav girl*

Check out this rare real life photo of Karan Johar's Fav girl... none other than Kareena Kapoor.
*As told by Karan Johar

Amrita Rao's New Photoshoot 2010 - Unseen Photos

Amrita Rao's New Photoshoot 2010
Amrita Rao

meera nandan hot pictures

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meera nandan hot pictures in malayalam movie oridathoru postman

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fantasy Shopping: Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

I've been shopping like a FIEND lately. Must. stop. shopping. And so today I'm just fantasy shopping, hoping that'll satisfy the urge. Here's what I put in my cart whilst shopping the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, where stuff is 40 percent off and seemingly going fast (anyone wanna actually buy it for me?!):

Robert Rodriguez lace overlay skirt, $144.90. So hot!

Leifsdottir "Ink" dress, $169.90.

Alexander Wang leather-trim sweatshirt, $354.

Theory "Kessie - Critique" pants, $139.90.

Eileen Fisher "Earth Conscious" double-wrap belt, $57.90.

Steve Madden "Serious" sandal, $39.90.

Tory Burch "Robbe" top, $129.

Free People two-tone strapless dress, $39.90.

Frye "Mary" sandal, $78.90.

Amount saved: $1075.40! PHEW!

Time to Worry Worry

Following my recent feature on Tim Little on the King's Road I received an email thanking me for the post. At the bottom was a note informing me that I could choose a pair of my choice as a gift. Now, I'm not used to receiving gifts. I've always seen it a slippery slope of grey areas and murky waters and avoided it. At the end of the day I only post about the products and collections that truly excite me, I'm not interested in anything else or swayed by offers. However, as you could probably tell from my original post, I was an enthusiastic fan of Tim's shoes and found it incredibly difficult to walk away empty handed after my visit but my lack of funds forced me to do just that. Now, I am incredibly fortunate. Tim's generosity has saved me and my feet. I'd be a fool to turn down such an offer. Having made the decision to snap up the offer, the difficult part came next...which model should I choose..?

The simple result from a difficult decision...Worry Worry

After surveying my shoe collection in light of the recent warm weather, I realised that it was severely lacking in sunshine friendly choices. The Tim Little store is split in to three collections; Blue Sole, Black Sole and Italian but each model is named after a well known Blues song. 'Blue Sole' is the original line and got the label to the position they are today. Beautifully made, the leathers are French calf, full grain leathers from some of the the best tanneries in the world. They are, of course, Goodyear Welted, which means they will last a long, long time and are easy to repair when necessary but I wanted something a little different. The 'Black Sole' range is left to rest on the last for at least thirty days to allow the leather to adopt the perfect shape of the last and hold that shape over many years to come. Utterly beautiful but again, not quite what I wanted for the coming season. Last but not least is the 'Italian Collection' which includes trainers with a difference, boat shoes, driving shoes and wonderfully washed boots. After pin balling my eyes from model to model, I set my sights on Worry Worry. I needed something simple to solve my difficult query. Made in Italy using the softest calf leather these trainers are simple and iconic. This choice might surprise some of you because you might have noticed that trainers are surprisingly absent from the pages of this blog. I have an odd relationship with trainers and I'll tell you why. The tales of a former chav can be read below...

A million miles from Margate. Worry Worry trainers worn with red socks from Uniqlo and suit trousers from J. A Daye.

Having grown up in a certain seaside town along the Kentish Riveria, my youthful pursuits were bound with the latest trainer release from a certain brand with an enticing tick for a logo. They said "just do it' and did just that. After a kickabout in the park most weekends involved a trip to a stretch of amusement arcades on the seafront. This stretch of flashing lights and whirring noises was nothing more than a glorified, albeit rough around the edges catwalk. Very few of us were all that interested in the slot machines or first person shoot'em ups, not least when our money ran out. Most of us had nothing better to do aside from show off our latest purchase. Gangs of prepubescent boys strutted pointlessly about, weaving in and out of the gaming machines. They were all undoubtedly proud of their ensembles but looking back now, more often than not, they would have involved either a Lacoste or Fred Perry polo shirt in a garish hue and something utterly hideous and highly flammable topped off by a ridiculously small Nike cap. However it was what boys were wearing on their feet that really captured the stares. Admiration or abhorrence could be ascertained purely by looking downwards. In terms of my own experience I can recall one particular Saturday afternoon where I put on a particularly exaggerated strut along the strip because I had a pair of Nike Air Max Triax's on my feet. Having begged and borrowed for months I was euphoric that Summer afternoon when I could morph in to a sportswear peacock and receive untold amounts of green eye from my peers. Nothing could top that day, no other pair of trainers could make a chubby little kid feel ten feet tall.

Oh those were the days somehow I fell out of love with trainers. Having grown up and out of this chav cycle my relationship with trainers became estranged. Other than my Lanvin hitops I have not worn a pair of trainers for a good number of years...until now.

Made in Italy using the softest calf leather. Devoid of unnecessary details. These trainers are simple and iconic.

Despite the obvious existence of a new new generation who like their trainers clean, sleek and simple I've been reluctant to dip my toe in to this form of footwear even though I've been a fan. Tim Little's Worry Worry marks a seismic shift in my attitude. As you should all know by now, over the last twelve months I have developed a passion for shoes, an addiction even. It is just impossible to resist elegant, well fitted leather creations. After meeting shoeists like the chaps at Lodger, Grenson and of course Mr. Hare and most recently Tim Little I always knew that their passion would be contagious. It most certainly was. Now I have amassed a collection that I can be truly proud of but my purchases have frequently erred on the side of smart. No longer. It is time to put my feet up and enjoy the comfort of these wonderfully simple trainers...

Worry Worry trainers worn with red socks from Uniqlo.

Your Daily Dresses

Lead me not into temptation with these cute, affordable dresses.

Tommy Hilfiger "Lizzie" dress, $125. So flirty, colorful, fun.

And on the other end of the spectrum....

Michael Michael Kors grommet dress, $99.50 to $109.50. Uh, what is up with that price structure? If you wear a 14 or larger, you have to pay ten more bucks? Really? Did that dress cost even an extra HALF yard of fabric to make? Did the seamstresses work an extra three hours on it? I call utter bullshit. That is just plain RUDE.

Loft painted stripe dress, $79.50.

Ella Moss "Taffy" dress, $92.90.

Finally, a PSA: If you live near an Anthropologie, check it out! They've got a major sale going; I learned about it from Effortless Anthropologie, who tirelessly tracks the store's sales and merchandise. I got three skirts for a grand total of 60 bucks yesterday. Cute ones, of course! They're not online, except for this one:

Odille "Late" skirt from Anthropologie, $19.95.