Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hyeres, Hyeres, Hyeres

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I am still alive. I've just had a fantastic long weekend in the southernest city in provence, Hyeres where I was fortunate enough to visit the festival, I even got to have a long conversation with the Sartorialist. I am pretty tired still and want to save my postings until I can actually write again but this is a teaser. Apologies that I'm so late but what can I say...I'm lazy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Marchesa Fall 2008 Collection and Its Architectural Inspirations

Marchesa's Fall 2008 Collection paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth 1. It is mainly composed of evening gowns and cocktail dresses. The colour palette was mostly black, purple, red and ivory, with the one pale blue one-shouldered gown. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig used ruffles, rosettes and lace.

The gowns were gorgeous, aren't they? But I'm sure you'll love them more after visiting Trendinista blog. Jill Sherman, author of the blog, studied the designs of Machesa's gowns and she was able to compile photos of the gowns with spires and pagodas that somehow looked like them. You'll never believe this, at first glance you'd probably think that the gowns were inspired by these architectural designs.

To view the rest of the compilation, visit Tredinista blog.


Flair Magazine April 2008: Hollywood Dreams with Flavia Oliveir

Have you seen the April issue of Flair magazine? Well, it has a spread featuring model Flavia Oliveira with an editorial title "Hollywood Dreams". Flavia portrayed an image of an aspiring model who seeks stardom, finds rejection, romance, publicity, boredom and personal epiphanies along the way.

In these photos, you will see Flavia smoking Nat Sherman Fantasia cigarettes in bright, spring-colored hues and holding a bottle of whisky. Do you consider cigarette and whisky as glamorous and fashionable accessories to an outfit or they're just self-destructive ?


Bathing Suit Lust: Zimmermann's Avalon Butterfly Suit

($242, Avalon,
To be sure, $242 is a lot for this bathing suit, by Aussie label Zimmermann, but it does come with a halter strap, and that's worth at least eight bucks! Very Golden Girls glam. Also, I don't really have $242 sitting around, but I do have some eggs ripe for the harvesting! Do you think Wink barters?

Another sweet butterfly motif Zimmermann suit:
($196, Zimmermann, Shopbop)

Will Broome For Topshop

Designer/illustrator Will Broome has illustrated for Marc By Marc Jacobs (he had to have done those robot designs), and his Topshop collection of tops with creepy-cool cartoon faces is now available. They're playful without looking too ridiculously young and '80-ish without treading into dangerous Hammer pants territory.

My two faves:

(Apprx $43 USD, Top Shop)

(Apprx $49 USD, Topshop)

+ Also, per Nylon, Topshop now ships to the U.S. YAY!
+ ALSO Also: Topshop New York is closer than ever to reality! Praise Jeebiz!

Monday, April 28, 2008

H&M 2008 Swim Collection

The H&M's 2008 swim collection has been released!

According to the new H&M head of design,Ann-Sofie Johansson, the company made sure to incorporate colors and the ethnic trend. She said, “We wanted to create something very colorful and light, with stand-out print. We were inspired by hot holidays in Africa, India, Hawaii and South America; hence ethnic-style prints such as tropical flowers and leaves, ikat designs, dip-dyes and ombre effects.”

Grab each item from H&M swim collection because sunny days are ahead of us! Have fun under the sun. Let's sing:

Sunlight, oh, sunlight
Bring me the love I'll need to guide me
Shining deep inside of me
Sunlight, oh, sunlight
Show me the way



Miley Cyrus' Photo Shoot and Interview For Vanity Fair

After receiving some violent reactions, Vanity Fair officially released Miley Cyrus photos and interview for the upcoming issue of the magazine.

In the said issue, Miley was photographed with a blanket for a semi-naked effect. She also had a photo shoot with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus done by Annie Leivobitz in Calabasas, California.

Entitled as "Miley Knows Best", Vanity Fair aimed to know how she manage to be relatively normal between sold-out concerts, multi-platinum records, and a hit TV series, Hannah Montana; not to mention paparazzi on her tail and tabloid editors praying for her to pull a Britney.

Here's a glimpse of Miley's answers during the Vanity Fair Interview:

On Sex and the City: “It’s my favorite show! I love it! Obviously not the scenarios. But if you watch Sex and the City, like the way the friends are, the way that it’s dry and they all have distinct characters—that’s a thing we try to do on our show."

On the semi – topless photo shoot: “No, I mean I had a big blanket on. And I thought, This looks pretty, and really natural. I think it’s really artsy. [And] it wasn’t in a skanky way.… And you can’t say no to [photographer Annie Leibovitz]. She’s so cute. She gets this puppy-dog look and you’re like, O.K."

On whose career she’d like to follow: “Before, I’d say like Hilary Duff. But there can’t be a thousand Hilary Duffs. Then that doesn’t make Hilary special. And there can’t be a thousand Miley Cyruses, or that doesn’t make me special. That’s what a star is: they’re different. A celebrity is different. So, no, mostly I want to make my own path.

On being well-adjusted to the fame and public attention: “That’s just my personality. I don’t get shaken or stirred up over anything. Which can be a problem sometimes. I’m just, like, so no emotions. I just don’t let things faze me. I’m very much like my dad. My dad’s like this.”

Photo Source


April Showers Bring...

... The need for a new jacket. A few I'd like hanging in my closet:
($1050, Rena Lange,
A veritable steal considering it was 2,995! It's the only trench coat you'll ever need. Until you need another one. In which case...

($330, Mike & Chris,
Simple, elegant, gorgeous. Inspector Gadget meets The Mod Squad!

($179, Suzabelle,
Wool is a bit heavy for April, but it's a great piece to hang onto.

I've been seeing so many cute fitted leather jackets lately. I love the gathered panels on this one = girly and presh! Perfect mid-season piece at a perfect price. Yo quiero!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crocs Inspired By Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Wall-E

Yes! You read it right, we will see more crocs in the market.

Despite of the spreading rumors that Crocs Inc. was having some bad times in the business, the company known for its colorful plastic shoes announced the launching of a line of shoes and accessories inspired by Walt Disney's shows "Hannah Montana" and "High School Musical" and the upcoming Pixar-Walt Disney film "Wall-E."

The Hannah Montana and Wall-E inspired Crocs will be available this coming May while High School Musical footwear will be released on July. For sure, kids and teens will be waiting for these new croc designs.


Is Heatherette Over? PLUS: Beauty Binge - Heatherette for MAC Sock Hop Lipglass

Oh bew. Has the mirrorball shattered at Heatherette? That'd suck but wouldn't be so surprising -- they pulled out of their last Fashion Week show. Apparently they're venturing down their own sparkly paths, which will surely be paved in glitter. But still, this split would be fairly unfierce. More at The Cut.

Also, uh, while you still can, you should check out Heatherette's "Sock Hop" Lipglass from their MAC line -- it's a spring-ready, salmon-pink coral gloss that doesn't reek of hot trannybotmess-ness:
($14, MAC, Macys)
It's totes sold out at MAC online, but SUUUUUP, Macy's -- you can still get it there, along with much of the rest of the collection. Better late than never. Check out more swatches and shots here.

OK, speaking of lates, it's bedtime. Happy Zs, FBs!

Oh, PS: Here's a slightly intoxicated me with the Heatherette dudes at a MAC event. Tee!

Fashion Fuchsia: Hollywood's Fashion Color

Fashion fuchsia is often used in the fashion world, popularly used as color for clothing, shoes, and accessories. It is also one of the most consistently talked about color trends of the season. Way back in 1920's, Fashion fuchsia was known as Hollywood and in 1950's it was renamed Hollywood Cerise.

You want to own some fashionable Fashion Fuchsia items? Checkout the following items that can be bought from Net-a-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman & Victoria's Secret online stores. Thanks to Fashion Trendsetter for organizing these items, featuring my favorite Victoria's Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio.


The Binge and the Beautiful: Bill Blass Fall 2008

Maybe it's because... when I went outside this afternoon, it had just rained. The sky was an overcast and muted grey, the hydrangeas were bursting into full-on shocking pink mode, and the towering trees were Astroturf green. The whole brilliantly beautiful scene looked freshly painted. Maybe it's because I'm listening to Fleet Foxes. But the rich jewel tones of this look from the Bill Blass Fall '08 collection (designed by Peter Som) are singing me the moody blues.

Valentino's Haute Couture Spring 2008 Ads

Last time Valentino released some ads with faceless models , now the fashion house got some ads produced in the usual conventional way.

Valentino’s new Haute Couture Spring 2008 featured models in pairing delicate, soft styles with loud, geometric backdrops. I love the color composition of the ads and I'm sure, you'll love them too.

Photo Source


I Finally Met mark.

And seriously, we got along FAMOUSLY, I tell you. I got this mark. (the Avon-for-cool-kids spin-off line) lip gloss in a Makeup Alley swap -- it's a Shine Tube Hook-Up Lip Gloss in Butter Cream, but it looks like this one is an older product. Its newer iteration is Buttercreme Brioche -- which sounds much fancier:

Anyway, it's a really light neutral-goldish shade that basically just illuminates and enhances your lips with a light shiny glaze. It reminds me a bit of Stila's Lip Glaze in Vanilla, but honestly, I like mark. better (sorry, Stila!), as it's lighter and not as goopy and sticky. And, not to mention, it's way cheaper.

I couldn't find a photo of the product itself, but the swatch is above. Here's the same product in Crème Caramel:
($5, mark.)
I'd also deffo like to try the Sugared Almond -- you get a free connector to attach both products together when you buy two -- and for $5 each, I think I WILL!