Saturday, July 31, 2010

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samvritha sunil hot

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Hickoree's Hard Goods

It is rare when both of us here at Style Salvage are stopped in our virtual tracks by a website. When EJ clicked on one of Little Doodles' Gimme Gimme Gimme posts this week she soon fell in love with Hickoree's Hard Goods online store and I wasn't all that far behind. Carefully selected products. Simply but beautifully presented. Both of us love how the site keeps a straight and narrow line of uncomplicated, timeless design which elevates the important facets of the store, the products. We soon wanted to fill our shopping baskets as we screamed in unison, "Must have everything!"

One hundred and ninety two temptations.

Hickoree’s Hard Goods is run by two brothers, Emil and Sandy Corsillo, who also happen to be creators and owners of The Hill-Side. As there own small label produces neckties and handkerchiefs in New York City’s garment district, Hickoree's similarly leans towards offering American made products while getting excited about the provenance of both new and old items. Both have a keen interest in selecting seemingly uncommon goods for their online store, merging both new and old items together to create a retail environment full of interest and discovery. The vintage clothing is mixed in as a way to lend some context to the new products on offer. Everything makes perfect sense.

"We are constantly striving to make Hickoree’s a place where you don’t expect to find all these particular things together, but when you look at the store as a whole it really makes perfect sense."
Emil and Sandy Corsillo speaking to oneeightnine earlier this year.

The store currently offers one hundred and ninety two temptations, below are just a small selection of our favourite products...

Old Hickoree's. Sweet-Orr "Tug-O-War" Match Box.

The mark of any good store is seducing the customer in to parting ways with their hard earned cash. As soon as this post goes live we would have purchased a good number of these items. Maybe even the match box. Now, neither of us have any real use for this product but both of us would probably kill for it. With the recent discovery of Hickoree's Hard Goods Store our online shopping habits, which tend to amount to little more than afternoon procrastination fodder, have now turned expensive and a little dangerous.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Can Has Hasbeen Candy-Colored Boots?

(Apprx $397 USD, Hasbeen,
Um, WHAT could be sweeter than lace-up leather boots the color of candy dots? I want Hasbeens (a resurrected '70s staple) in EVERY color. INCLUDING, but not limited to... beige:

($339, Hasbeens,
And Endless has a sick selection of Hasbeens. Love this camel-colored boot.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A. Sauvage 000-1 - 000-11

Cast your minds back to the busy month of May, where I zigzagged my way across the capital for various press days and viewings to help see what AW10 would bring. One of the real highlights was A. Sauvage. At that moment in time I was unable to really examine the debut offering of the label and instead chose to introduce the designs via Adrien Sauvage's This Is Not A Suit tumblr. The concept follows a simple logic within a strong framework. To explore the word suit and what it suggests. In each case, the artist invites subjects to wear garments from his collection and encourages them to express who they are whilst wearing a suit with no directorial interference. Having established the loose parameters of the experience it is left up to each subject to decide what to wear, diverse as they are, from the collection 000-1 - 000-11. TNS is a case study of the artist’s ongoing fascination with the internal and external influences that enable individualism. I have been truly captivated by his natives and captain series. What better way to start the consumers juices flowing than to beautifully capture the designs worn so effortlessly by a diverse band of men and women, from retired Harlem Globetrotters to Coco Sumner to Terry Gilliam, Berlin break dancers to a local deli owner? I love the questions that this photographic projects asks about sartorial individualism. What does a suit mean to you? How do you wear a suit? This Is Not A Suit, this is so much is an attitude and an ongoing style project.

With my interest heightened combined with the knowledge that the collection is hitting Matches and Harrods imminently, I decided to learn more about the label by visiting the designer behind it all. The label is the brainchild of Adrien Victor Sauvage who whilst working as a creative realised that the stylish demands of his clients were not being met so set about meeting them with his own designs. There was a clear and obvious gap in the menswear market and Sauvage had the vision and drive to fill it. So the designer developed the art of dress easy, or DE as he calls it. The debut collection entitled 000-1 -000-11 showcases both radical and elegant menswear. Sauvage has built a debut collection on pieces that would add so much to so many wardrobes. To make matters even easier for the every man he has practically created an fool proof guide of creating looks. Of course there are a myriad of ways each piece can be worn but for those less confident, he has created a look book of colour co-ordinated assembly line-esque, everyday dressing...

Left: Country Blazer - Blue flannel Prince of Wales Check (single Breasted , two button with notch lapel) with electric blue corduroy trousers, white Sea Island cotton shirt with scallop collar and electric blue knitted tie.
Right: Country Blazer - Purple flannel Prince of Wales Check (single Breasted , two button with notch lapel) with plum winter cotton trousers, white Sea Island cotton shirt with scallop collar and purple knitted tie.

Left: Three Piece Country Suit - Grey Prince of Wales Check (single Breasted , two button with notch lapel) with flat front trousers, white Sea Island cotton shirt with scallop collar and plum knitted tie.
Right: Sports Jacket - Forest Green double breasted jacket (six button with peak lapel) with burnt orange corduroy trousers, white Sea Island cotton shirt with scallop collar and orange knitted tie.

Left: Lounge Suit - Dark brown flannel double breasted jacket (six button with peak lapel) with flat front trousers, white Sea Island cotton shirt with scallop collar and olive knitted tie.
Right: Lounge Suit - Dark grey flannel double breasted jacket (six button with peak lapel) with flat front trousers, white Sea Island cotton shirt with scallop collar and light blue knitted tie.

Left: Lounge Suit - Dark grey flannel double breasted jacket (six button with peak lapel) with flat front trousers, white Sea Island cotton shirt with scallop collar and light blue knitted tie
Right: City Suit - Blue pin head wool single breasted jacket (two button with notch lapel) with flat front trousers, white Sea Island cotton shirt with scallop collar and lilac knitted tie.

Left: City Suit - Grey pin head wool single breasted jacket (two button with notch lapel) with flat front trousers, white Sea Island cotton shirt with scallop collar and blue knitted tie.
Right: Evening Suit - Midnight mohair single breasted suit with flat front trousers, white Sea Island cotton shirt with scallop collar and dark grey knitted tie.

I was fortunate enough to try on a number of the suit jackets and I fell in love with each one. Sauvage even managed to stylishly sidestep my aversion to double breasted jackets. The moment I slipped on the Lounge Suit over my shoulders my ordinarily disagreeable and difficult frame was shaken by the cut of this feat of double breasted craftsmanship. The forest green double breasted sports jacket quickly followed and I soon wanted to explore the countryside in my new DB suited stature. Moving on from my rekindled tailoring lust for one moment, it should be clear to see that each garment has traditional details combined with progressive cuts. using the finest of materials. The entire collection is based in cashmere, flannel, mohair, micro cord and worsted wool that utilise and showcase the modern palette. Quite simply put, A.Sauvage works on the principle of perfecting cut and concentrating on fit while having a spot of fun. It offers something more than most with its pomp and colour. It is hard not to covet the dapper three piece suiting, natty Prince of Wales checked country blazers or colour popping slim cut corduroy trousers. The designer will add pieces to the range as the seasons and needs demand. The collection is having a celebratory launch evening at the flagship Matches tomorrow (29th) and I'll be there to raise a glass to this stellar debut.


The event was extremely well attended and I have to confess to feeling somewhat under dressed when I found myself surrounded by an array of sartorial peacocks and modern dandies. The lower ground level of Matches had been transformed to showcase the collection in all its glory. We might not do party pictures here at Style Salvage but we can offer you a sneak peek in to the transformed shop floor with images snapped by none other than Adrien himself...

All images exclusively supplied by A. Sauvage.

What's Up With These New Sam Edeleman Zachery Booties?

($225, Sam Edelman,
Apparently these Sam Edelman "Zachery" booties are the NBFT. I'm kinda into them/ kinda scared of them. Thoughts? Let us discuss! TO THE COMMENTS!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gossip Girl Season 4 Signature Looks

The cast of Gossip Girl has been filming some scenes for the tv show's 4th season in Upper West Side and they were spotted with their signature looks.
Chanel,Gossip Girl Style,Miu Miu
Blair Waldorf in a belted shirtdress paired, Miu Miu platform heels and Celine handbag.
Vanessa Abrams wore a clashing pair of tap shorts and printed blouse.

Serena in a berry-colored maxidress and Chanel shoulder bag.
Chanel,Gossip Girl Style,Miu Miu

New cast, Juliet Sharp, sported a business look with matching neutrals.
Chanel,Gossip Girl Style,Miu Miu

Vanessa in clogs and fringed messenger bag.
Chanel,Gossip Girl Style,Miu Miu

New European hosiery and lingerie styles for fall!

Be super sexy with our spectacular legwear this fall! New thigh highs and nylon stockings are now available for the upcoming season. Fabulous European stockings including stocking welts with rose embroidered tops, leopard print thigh highs, and oriental lace sheer stretch top stockings were just added to our hosiery collection this week. Our Kristen red and black lace top stockings (bottom image), are ultra sheer 15 denier black stockings with a contrasting red top and black lace overlay. These will look great with our Brigitte red satin garter belt and panty set or one of our many more traditional black garter belts.

Tracy vintage style striped stockings have a multicolor floral welt and rose inspired vertical stipes down the legs. They remind us of vintage striped stockings we originally had in our collection years ago, but slightly updated.

Also, incredible new lingerie including garter belts, bras and panties. Beautiful shiny satin garter belts with six or eight straps will positively keep your stockings up securely, comfortably and in fabulous style.

Visit us soon at for a sneek look at all of our new lingerie and hosiery styles!

Lesleykat's LOL-Inducing Haul Video Spoof.

Lesleykat is a friend of a friend, and she's hysterical. Watch her spoof on haul videos. Amazing.

Vanessa Fonesca - Good and Plenty Lingerie


Beautiful Brazilian Vanessa Fonesca in a variation of the same set of lingerie. I wasn't able to make a positive I.D. on the brand, but her pink and black bras and panties reminded me of a certain candy. Sweet enough.

Vanessa Fonesca - Lingerie.jpg Vanessa Fonesca - Lingerie.jpg Vanessa Fonesca - Lingerie.jpg

Selita Ebanks For Victoria Secret: Maxim June 2010


The new victoria secret angels,Selita Ebanks pose on Maxim magazine june 2010 edition.Ms selita posed for various new underwear Victorias Secret collection set,bra and underwear matching colour.

selita-ebanks-maxim-june-2010.jpg selita-ebanks-bra-maxim-june-2010.jpg

Zoe Saldana : Calvin Klein Bra Models


Calvin Klein Envy is the CKU's newest line, debuting this October as a Fall 2010 collection, more-than-suitably modeled by Star Trek and Avatar actress Zoe Saldana.

Calvin Klein_Envy_Zoe Saldana_bra.jpg 279calvinkleinplungebra.jpg

The present phenomenon

Something like a phenomenon, something like a phenomenon, something like a...

For the last few weeks I have found myself humming along to one of LL Cool J's classic anthems. The reason for this unusual phenomena lies solely on the shoulders of one Susie Bubble. After returning from a brief stint in Paris she introduced me to a previously seen but unregistered Japanese label, Phenomenon. Established in 2004 by Takeshi Osumi (or BIG-O to his friends) as the more hi end branch and upscale brother of Swagger, Phenomenon has always been something of a cult streetwear brand that purports to fuse elements of American hip hop with that of the most enviable Japanese men's street style. The label has continually showcased a wide spectrum of intricate patterns, cuts, and overall quite out there and wild themes. A definite trademark of the brand since its inception has been to experiment and push boundaries.

For AW10, along with the customary design we also see a growth, as the label takes on a more mature designer approach as opposed to the strictly streetwear designs usually previewed. You don't have to take my word for it though, take a look at the below show images from Fashion Snap...

All show images from Fashion Snap

The season also saw the label have their first show at Japan Fashion Week (show video below) where it was met with big expectations and big praise from attendees and the subsequent blogosphere exclamations...

The balance between the theatre of the show and the wearability of the collection might be awry for some but not for this blogger. Despite being proudly on the dramatic side of the fence with its hyper styling, the collection is bursting with lust worthy pieces, wearable yet interesting. This is a collection that celebrates texture, protection, layering with a focus on rich fabrics and silhouette experimentation. It is exactly how I long to dress for the chillier months.

The Dungaree shirt from Phenomenon

As I mentioned in the first opening paragraph I had seen a few stories on Phenomenon but had not investigated the label in any way. Susie changed all that after a visit to Paris where she picked up the above denim shirt from Pigalle. What better way to acquaint myself with a brand than to wear it. I wish all of my introduction involved a present...

A close up look at the fringe detailing.

I'm under no illusions that this is a gift for Susie masquerading a gift for me because she has since worn in a few times. However, there will quite a few occasions where I'll steal this back off of her. I have to confess that initially, I was initially put off by the fringe detailing but then all that changed and I began to dream up a myriad of ways to wear it. Both of us has since mined through the offerings of the label in their very useful product drop blog (other stores/brands should definitely take note) and the vast majority of the pieces are undoubtedly far more evolved than the tee/trainer/jean boundaries of most street wear labels. Despite their being a good number of pieces that grabbed my attention, I can happily declare that Susie bought extremely well.

Dungaree shirt from Phenomenon worn with a heavy knit Maison Martin Margiela jumper, Unconditional wrap trousers and Kudu boots by Lodger.

After making the most of the glorious summer, I have now grown tired of the heat and sweat of life in the capital during the throes of this sticky, stinky season. I long for autumn. The mornings where I can layer and wrap myself up in a bounty of wool, tweed, cashmere and anything else I can get my hands on. This shirt will add yet one more texture. So despite BBC Weather recording temperatures of 24 degrees this morning I had to road test one of my dreamed up looks. I'm looking forward to styling up a few more as soon as I welcome in autumn.

A close up of the textures. Roll on autumn...