Friday, December 3, 2010

How to look sexy while I'm pregnant

"How to look sexy while I'm pregnant" is a question that many pregnant women ask. The best part of this case is that the answers are there, and some of those answers are here in this article. If you read this, you probably want a quick way to look sexy while you are pregnant you know, so here are some simple rules to pass.

Rule No. 1: Away from your maternity clothes NOW!

Did you know that many pregnant women think they have clothes that will look even more pregnant than they are (ie FAT) use?
Needless to say, lots of maternity clothes are just a way not very flattering and blow it out of proportion.
Here is what you should do: Stay in fashion, clothes and wear them a size or two larger than the usual framework. These dresses and clothes will make you look hot you're wearing, how your fri appeal to an increase of only improve your mood in general! You look great.

Rule 2: Always wear underwear during pregnancy

Ok, forget that many pregnant women there is something like "lingerie for pregnant women", which mainly exists for them to wear! If you do not feel sexy in the bedroom with her husband, as you can enjoy your married life for the next 4-9 months?

So go shopping for lingerie for pregnant women when the last quarter. If your stomach is on the small side, you can still use the lingerie not-for-pregnant women in something greater

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