Monday, November 15, 2010

Hosting Mr Hare at Liberty's

On Friday 26th November, as part of the Liberty’s shoe weekend, Mr. Hare will be holding a Q&A session in the men’s shoe department between 5pm and 7pm. Remarkably, he has asked me to host the evening. *Gulp*. There's no doubt that I will need your moral support so please join us for our fireside chat and cocktails evening. Weighty shoe subjects such as Blake construction in wet climates, the new male sartorialism, shoe styling and the relevance of shoe classicism in a modern world will all be tackled. However, if you have a question for Mr. Hare on shoes or any other subject for that matter please do ask it.

The evening will also feature the first public viewing of the forthcoming SS11 collection ‘Ain’t No App For That’. With this collection, Mr. Hare continues to push and explore the boundaries of footwear with spectacular effect. The collection showcases shapes and materials that I've never come across before (including soft Napas, hard Vachettas, Shrunken Goat, Eel, Salmon and Ostrich shin hides). These style long, nay need to be touched and loved. We might have previewed this lust inducing collection back in September but this event will be the first public unveiling of new styles on the cubist Jopling last as well as news of other work and collaborations scheduled for the near future. If that wasn't reason enough to come down, attendees will be granted the one off opportunity to pre order styles from that collection, from the man himself, at a 15% discount. Below are a few of the many highlights of this collection...

Look book images by Marley Lohr.

So…just to recap. On Friday 26th November there will be shoes, chat, cocktails, fireplace, new stuff, discount, questions, answers, me, Mr. Hare and last but not least, you guys! If for whatever reason you can't make it but are itching to ask a question then please email us at

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