Sunday, November 21, 2010

toy and lingerie pregnant by radaz

toy and lingerie pregnant by radaz
Most guys are afraid to admit we are a) unsure how we feel about the pregnant form, or b) kinda turned on by a woman carrying a child. The folks at HOTmilk, a lingerie company in New Zealand, are selling maternity wear under the assumption people fall into the latter category.

The company claims their new viral video ad shows that women should have every right to look and feel sexy during those trying nine months. Yet the big reveal -- that the woman dancing sexily in the video is actually very, very pregnant -- comes off as a gag, as if we're supposed to puke or laugh at having been misled.

But, actually ... as with the girl in the photo above, that baby-filled belly does nothing to hinder our desire to sweep that table of the rest of its objects and get down to it, stat.

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