Sunday, February 14, 2010

Joan Collins x Alexis Bittar

Because I live a VERY glamorous life -- trust me -- I was walking down the unBELIEVABLY chic streets of East Broadway at 8:50 or so in the morning one recent morning, en route to the FINEST post office in Lower Manhattan -- the Knickerbocker branch, where you're always greeted with a smile -- and on the makeshift walkway next to all of the not-at-all gritty ongoing construction, I passed a splintery wooden board with THIS snipe -- JOAN EFFING COLLINS for ALEXIS BITTAR. It was like the heavens had parted and a rainbow unfurled and splashed out across a fucking wooden board. My FAVORITE 1980s power dresser and power bitch for my favorite jewelry designer, Alexis Bittar. Lucite, shoulder pads, a frosted smoky eye, and unbridled backstabbing and rage = LOVE, no?

Find out more about this holy hybrid came to be on Alexis Bittar's blog.

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