Saturday, February 6, 2010

MAC Care Blends Essential Oils ARE ESSENTIAL For Good Winter Skin. Also, A Word About Paper Towels

Okay, I have few skin things I need to discuss. First of all, I'll disclaim that my skin isn't perfect. BUT, it's looking better than it ever has before. Because I FUCKING WORK AT IT. AND because I've been treating it like a boss and have committed to a few products I will probably never stray from.

First (again -- because I know I just said first before), I've been using only paper towels to dry my skin. Yes, it's wasteful, but so is having bad skin when you could have good skin. (The unbelievably talented Joanna Vargas shared this tip when I visited her for a facial last year. It wasn't until recently though that I tried it out, and the results have been as obvious as a fart in a car.) Plus, I try to pull double duty and use said paper towels to wipe up my bathroom a bit, so I'm reusing AND making my bathroom cleaner. WIN.

Second, I've been WAY into Fresh's Lemon Sugar Body Lotion, which I've been using as a daily moisturizer on my face, even though it's for your body. Your face is part of your body, right? I don't care if it doesn't say "FOR YOUR FACE" on the packaging. It works like a dream.

I have super annoying rosacea and dry skin. Almost no moisturizer works as well as Sugar does. It doesn't leave me as red-faced as Mrs. Claus, and it's light and doesn't get greasy like a Biggie Fry.

BUT, it's winter as fuck out, and my forehead's been killing me softly, so PRAISES that I discovered MAC's Care Essential Oils. Now I KNOW that adding oil to your face sounds like going to the doctor and asking for fat injections in your thighs, but THIS SHIT WORKS.
($19.50, MAC)
I've only tried the grapefruit and chamomile, but I've seen all I need to know. I mix a little in with my Fresh, and BOOM. Best happy, hydrated winter skin. Silky smooth and soft but not greasy or oily. Get familiar.

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