Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Autumn Favourites (Part Two)

There has been a definite change in the atmosphere over the last few days, perhaps you've noticed it. The more discernable chill in the air means that rather than fantasise about wearing more layers we have duly rummaged through our knitwear drawers to unearth more comfort and protection. When the sun shines we happily explore the changing landscape, rich in comforting tones and ever evolving. To celebrate the coming of our favourite season we asked a selection of our favourite people to tell us about an item in their wardrobe that they are looking forward to wear throughout the season. Responses range from a trusty shawl knit that is worn every other day to a watch noted for being worn by Clint Eastwood in Firefox.

"This fall I'm making great use of my tweed blazer with elbow patches. I've had it for several years and I've always loved it but haven't worn it previous years. I was concerned that maybe it was just too "university professor". But for some reason right now I'm digging elbow patches to the point that I want to to add them to many other blazers, sweaters, button down shirts, etc. But I'm showing restraint."
Matt Fox, Fine and Dandy.


"I kinda wanted to pick one of my super fancy new purchases for this post but I decided to keep it honest and choose this And I Cardigan. If it weren't for society saying that I have to change clothes daily, I'd wear it every day (at present I wear it every other day). It's a little more bobbled than my newer pickups but it's still my favourite - and a turned up shawl collar is a great scarf alternative."
Jason Dike, Selectism, Gentleman's Corner and Esquire.


"I remember going into a watch dealer in London years ago, explaining that I liked the Brown (or Root-Beer) coloured GMT, and was told that 'this is the single most unpopular colour' (and that he didn't have one in stock). I don't think he was quite right, although it is fair to say that of all the variations, this is not the most desirable version, not having the most authentic 'sports look'. For some reason though, this is one of the colours that appeals to me most.

Noted (in watch circles) to have been worn by Clint Eastwood in the film Firefox, the colourway really has a 70's feel to it, especially when worn with the steel/gold bracelet - it makes me think of a lot of cars from that era, or products from brands like Gucci. But as with many things it is the details which make this special - for a period dealers offered an all-brown bezel option as opposed to the two-tone version, and this particular model was sold at a Tiffany&Co store as you can see on the double-branded dial. Today, this watch is around 30 years old, the bezel and dial has faded beautifully, and I like to wear this with a leather strap to dress it down even more - I don't think this is the style that most people have come to associate with the brand."
Andrew Bunney, BUNNEY and British Remains.

ROLEX Tiffany & Co

Over the coming weeks our enthusiasm will only intensify so we will no doubt be sharing a few more Autumn favourites with you. We would love to hear from you as well. Is there a particular item that has seen you through our favourite season?

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