Sunday, October 17, 2010

O: Stars Of The Season

There is little better than waking up at a reasonable hour on a bright Sunday morning in Autumn to the scent of a freshly brewed coffee, knowing that your day consists of very little aside from lounging and reading a copy of your favourite broadsheet. Today was such a morning. In fact it was bettered by the inclusion of O, the Observer's Fashion Supplement by Tank dedicated to fashion four times a year of which menswear is the focus twice. No doubt the winter focused supplement will be well thumbed over the coming hours as I immerse myself in the features on Kris Van Assche, Joe Casely-Hayford, Martyn Bal, Japanese Fashion and Britian's best dressed gangster. However, before I make an ass imprint on the sofa I'd like to share the following feature with you...

In Stars Of The Season O's editorial team asked a trio of fashion tastemakers to choose their favourites for Autumn/Winter. Amazingly, I was asked. I would never consider myself a tastemaker, to be honest I'm not entirely sure what that label entails but I'm proud to have been asked and pleased to be able to put forward my choices which include the odd piece by a designer that would rarely feature in such a publication. So, alongside Prism's founder Anna Laub and Present's manager Ash, I offered a selection of items that are exciting me this season. It is not the time to mourn the passing seasons because for us, menswear really comes alive when the temperature begins to drop. My choices hopefully reflect the diversity of options throughout the season...

My picks of the season...Casely-Hayford Perfecto Jacket, Hannah Martin for Carolyn Massey medals, H by Harris Quilted laptop bag, Lou Dalton zip trousers, Baartmans and Siegel beaded shirt, Bunney silver stud and Mr Hare Genet loafers.

Now, if you'll excuse I'm going to return to my lazy Sunday. Once I've digested the rest of the supplement I will no doubt offer up a full review but if you do have a chance to pick yourself up a copy, please do because you will not regret it.

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