Friday, October 22, 2010

Stores unite for the Indigenos

Veja are considered by many to offer some of the greenest sneakers and rightly so. There is however, far more to them than their eco-friendly credentials might suggest. The French label produce simple, low profile trainers produced to a very high quality. With organic cotton from the Northeast of Brazil, wild Amazonian rubber and ecological leather, the label is inventing new methods of work while still creating trainers with designs to get excited over. Ordinarily, when I hear the words eco friendly uttered my mind is filled with thoughts of clumpy hemp or folksy printed creations but fortunately Veja offer a different proposition. They have managed to come up some of the best looking fair trade products I've ever come across, none more so than the Indigenos range. To celebrate the latest launch, the label have created a look book featuring a number of their retail supporters...

The Indigenos lookbook features retail characters from a selection of the best independent stores across Europe. Oi Polloi, Prive Joke, Addict, Novoid Plus, Diverse Menswear, Antic Boutik, The Three Threads all take part. The band of shopkeeping talent met at the Veja studio in Paris last June to produce a photoshoot that celebrates the launch.

Gregory Siary - Novoid Plus

Tony Jimenez and Suso Ramos - Addict.

Alex Mein - Diverse

Sebastian Beesley and Patrick Little - Oi Polloi

Veja wanted the Indigenos lookbook to be a tribute to their work and vision while showcasing the latest model. I love both the concept and execution. These retail figures represent the essence of the Indigenos style in a previously unseen way. Over the years our High Streets have become so overrun with huge chain outlets that they have lost their community spirit. On the most part, if you have seen one high street you have seen them all. These individuals, along with many others are trying to change this sorry state of affairs. They all oppose homogenized global fashion with their comsidered selection of styles while nurturing independent labels and projects, just like Veja. Like the Indegenos, these retailers stand strong. For me, the shoot manages to capture the individuality of each store and ultimately demonstrates the versatility of the Indigenos range.

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