Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitsch List: An Olde-Tymey Rotary Phone & A Chocolate Skull From AHALife

 Taking a break from posting about studded booties and skinny jeans to put these two totally great kitchsy must-have housewares on your radar:

1.) An olde-tymey rotary phone! IN PINK! 

Singapore's Stephie Says sells BRAND-NEW rotary phones in beige, black, red, and PINK, FTW! I don't even have a land line anymore, let alone a "regular phone," but I kind of want a rotary phone just to put on my shelf and recall the creepy split-pea green rotary phone we used to have in my basement when I was kid. A rotary phone always makes me want to redo my bedroom in all pink and dance around my room like Ann-Margret. 

($28, Bond Street Chocolate,
And perhaps you didn't realize it when you woke up this morning, but you're in the market for a dark chocolate skull by Bond Street Chocolate. It's dark chocolate, 3D (naturally), and it's the featured product today on Ahalife, which is a new flash sale site that's kind of like Daily Candy meets Gilt. Each week there's a small boutique of gorgeous gifts, housewares, jewelry, beauty products, apparel and more. Basically, it's the better version of the stuff you already have. Like a DIANE VON FURSTENBERG CAMERA!! And a set of Aftelier Perfumes perfume trios (check out the story I wrote about Mandy Aftel and Aftelier, and then get ready to never love another perfume again as much as you'll love these.) And the selection is curated by an international set of fashion insiders, experts, tastemakers, celebrities and philanthropists. So sign up. And this chocolate skull could be yours. I mean, after "chocolate skulls," there's really just there's no backing out at this point.

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