Tuesday, October 5, 2010

GAP Coupon Code!

YAY! It's FALL, y'all Do some fall/winter shopping with this GAP coupon code for 30% off. It's "savebig." It also works for Banana Republic and Old Navy.

I just bought these two shoulder zip pullover sweatshirts, since I realize I own almost no tops that aren't t-shirts, and most of those I hate or have a cat on them, which is fine for sometimes but not all the time. So I'm trying to diversify with some basic tops.

($39.50, Gap)
Usually I wait for everything and anything Gap to go on sale, but I saved $23 with that coupon code. HOLLA for a DOLLA!

($29.50, Gap)

Also, this nylon puffer bag is extremely cute. But I will definitely wait for this to go on sale.

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