Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monica: I have surprised myself with DHOBI GHAT

It is a known fact that Monica Dogra, the debutant leading lady of Aamir Khan's 'Dhobhi Ghat', has been a prominent member of the band 'Shaa'ir + Func' and has cut a few albums in the past. In fact she recently sung the stunning 'Dooriyaan' for BREAK KE BAAD as well which, unlike the film, has stayed on to be popular till date. As a follow up to that when a call for acting came in for DHOBI GHAT, the young woman couldn't help but bite the bait.

With a strong presence that her character boasts right through this film which is now ready for theatrical release in India after making the rounds of the festival circuits, one wonders if Monica ever realised the enormity of the platform when she actually began to shoot for DHOBI GHAT.

"Not really actually", Monica says in a cautions tone, "You know what, my situation in case of DHOBI GHAT was quite curious actually. I have been extremely interested in music and played with 'Shaa'ir + Func' for four years now. In many ways I am very happy with my career in music. It is art that excites me, whether it is music or acting. As long as I can get a special change in the world regardless of the capacity that I can contribute, it would be worth it."

But didn't she miss her team from 'Shaa'ir + Func' while shooting for the film? After all from being a live performer, she was suddenly getting into a more rehearsed environment?

"As I stated earlier, it is all about the different formats of art that you are a part of at any given point in time", says Monica who has cut a few albums via her band in the past, "I have always been an actor; it's just the platform that differs. It's eventually about changing people's minds and pushing things forward. I have always aspired to do great things and working really hard since I was very-very young. With my first feature film now, I have happily surprised myself. More than just being an actor in the film, I am glad that a film like this has been made."

DHOBI GHAT releases all over on 21st January.

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