Friday, February 4, 2011

Exclusive Bistro Style: Cheryl Tiegs in Beauty after 50

Cheryl Tiegs is always on the go. The supermodel, so famous for her string of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers in the 70s, has a home in Los Angeles, but says she’s rarely home for longer than two weeks. It seems Tiegs prefers it that way—she’s constantly on the hunt for the next learning opportunity.

“Just living life, I think, is the key to beauty,” Tiegs mused in an exclusive interview with StyleBistro. “When I graduated from college and was going out on my own, my agent at the time, Nina Blanchard, said, ‘Cheryl, now you’ve finished your formal education, but the real key to beauty is to always keep learning, always keep laughing, always keep doing something new and fresh. Educate yourself the rest of your life.’”

Tiegs, an avid yoga enthusiast, freely admits that she’s in much better shape now than she was earlier in her career. “When I was in my twenties, I gained a lot of weight. I was up to 170 lbs,” Tiegs divulged. “That’s when I learned about nutrition, portions and exercise. And since then, I pretty much haven’t stopped. When I travel, I’ll jump rope in the hotel room, or I will do the stairwell in hotels—I’ll go two flights up, one flight down.” Tiegs is also vigilant about skincare. A few years ago, she launched Ageless Woman, a line of products designed to refresh and rejuvenate mature skin. She uses her own cleanser, moisturizer, day cream and eye cream, each and every day. “It takes all of a big 30 seconds to really take care of your skin,” Tiegs insisted. “I also don’t use makeup every day. Give yourself a break so your skin can breathe.”

When asked what over three decades in the modeling industry has taught her about beauty, Tiegs said, “It's a cliche to say beauty comes from within, but cliches are around for a reason. Beauty comes from within is absolutely true.”

“I've seen girls with perfect features come and go, and they have beautiful features and beautiful bodies, but they come and go because there's no beauty coming from within. It really has to do with the soul and good character. I think laughing is so important, loving is so important. Just spread your love and get love back. The key to beauty really is your thoughts and feelings, and doesn't have to do with age, necessarily. It's how you take care of yourself.”

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