Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'd Be Buying These Flutter By Jill Golden Statement Necklaces If Most Of My Paycheck Weren't Going To Rent

Don't get it twisted. I EFFING LOVE clothes. They're my porn. The only thing I love more than shopping for clothes and thinking about shopping for clothes and fantasizing about thinking about shopping for clothes is pasta. But jewelry's a close second. Especially chunky statement necklaces. But I'm at the point where I have a lot of dated shit I just need to get rid of (anyone want it?), and then I need to take the less-is-more approach. Or, rather, the fewer-newer approach. Have fewer pieces, and make them newer.

My all-time favorite necklace is my Pade Vavre horse necklace. These three horses have traveled a lot of miles and seen a lot. (Sometimes I fear that people I pass in the lobby at work or see at events are like "there goes that horse necklace girl again." Or, "Tamar? Oh, you mean the girl with the horse necklace?" Actually, I don't really care, but I do really wear it a lot.) It's not quite time for their retirement, but it's time to add a few more pieces to the stable. A big, bold necklace that goes with everything and that I love so much that I don't care if I wear it five times a week. Such as...

($400, Flutter By Jill Golden, FlutterNYC.com)
I just discovered Flutter By Jill Golden, and I'm so taken by the entire collection. I love how she takes pretty golds and stones and turns them into pieces are edgy but elegant. (And her studded jewelry is so understated, instead of intense, which I love, well, intensely.) Seriously, I saw this necklace and I was like THIS IS IT...

Until I saw this one:
($420, Flutter By Jill Golden, FlutterNYC.com)
I BRAKE for leather weaving!

Basically both of these necklaces elicited a Huey Lewis "If This Is It" reaction. So in love.

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