Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Experimenting with Bunney

Dipping a cautious toe in the waters of men's jewellery thanks to Bunney.

Now, regular readers will know that I struggle with men's jewellery. However, whilst blogging I have encountered two designers, Hannah Martin and Andrew Bunney, that have opened my eyes to this previously daunting realm of shiny embellishment. The latter, Bunney started in 2009 as a jewellery line that seeks to make simple things look beautiful, intriguing and understandable. Andrew Bunney longed to create objects that look like something one may be used to yet recast in a new light with precious metals, becoming new, yet at the same time, familiar. Ultimately, Bunney was drawn to the idea of coming up with something everybody or anybody could wear...even nervous individuals like myself. For the last few seasons, he has been quietly navigating an elegant and refined men's jewellery offering that have grabbed my attention and have left me reaching for my wallet. Last September I finally invested in a few items.

As you should all know by now, Bunney evolved from a single item - a large size silver pyramid stud which came in a set of three, in to a magpies heaven during the last instalment of the Showroom Next Door. However, as the Bunney range grows, his desire to create something quite unisex and versatile remains. Made by craftsmen in workshops around England, each piece is finished with care and attention before being hallmarked at the Goldsmiths’ Company, responsible since 1300 for testing the quality of gold and silver. I opted for the hammered badge and a slightly smaller version of the pyramid stud set. I picked the latter up over the weekend and have been experimenting with them ever since.

One of the facets that makes style in this country so exciting is how people can appropriate and interpret items and use them in a way unique to themselves. The pieces are meant for use with clothing and encourage the wearer to consider and compose a variety of combinations. Bunney says the concept focuses on giving freedom to the wearer “you wear them how you want, on a jacket or a shirt, together or separately”. The entire line not only facilitates individuality but downright encourages it. Ever since I first talked through the label with Andrew Bunney, I've daydreamed about my picks and the myriad of ways in which they will be worn. Over the last few days, I've experimented for real...

Two of the three pyramid studs worn with Crombie by ASOS Black, breton by E. Tautz and shirt by Patrik Ervell.  

Two of the three pyramid studs worn on the collar of Lanvin shirt under a sweater by COS

One of the three pyramid studs worn on the lapel of suit jacket by J.A Daye.

Inspired by Bunney's SS10 look book which showcase the likes of Clare de Rouen and Mr Hare wearing their choices extremely well and uniquely, I have strived to wear the studs a different way each day.  I might just be dipping one cautious toe in the the previously uncharted waters of jewellery but the likes of Andrew Bunney are tempting me to jump right in. 

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