Monday, February 7, 2011

To The Girl Who Bought This Vintage Norma Kamali Jumper Out From Under Me

You win, I lose. In the world of vintage fashion, it's shit or get off the pot. And THAT is exactly what my "tagline" intro thingy would be if I were on a reality show. Like when Jill Zarin goes "I run with a fabulous circle of people" on Real Housewives of New York. If I were on a reality show about vintage shopping I'd be like "in VINTAGE, it's shit or GET OFF THE POT." Okay, I wouldn't, because that's gross and lame, but my point is twofold: 1.) I sometimes think about what my tagline thingy would be if I were on a reality show (and then what physical thing would I do? Put my hand on my hip and squint? Toss my hair back and snarl? Roll my eyes in a really over-the-top way? Do that lick-your-finger-smoldering sound thing? Disappearing thumb trick?), 2.) When you find a one-of-a-kind vintage piece you really love -- like this Norma Kamali jumpsuit from, GET IT. While I'm glad I know that I want to spend the spring in slouchy, blousy button-down one-pieces (vintage or otherwise), I missed out. Lesson learned.

 PS -- Can someone who knows how to sew make me this jumper in an adult size? I'm so half serious.

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